Ultra Seam metal roofing products provide an ideal solution for almost any type of structure. Products are available in 22, 24 and 26 gaugel, galvalume, 032 or .040 aluminum modern metal systems. Ultra Seam products are available with a premium based coating system with multiple (Kynar 500) colors to choose from.

From classic standing seams to tiles, shingles and shakes, ATAS Roofing products offer the products and colors to match your style. Metal roofing is a practical and affordable roofing alternative. Metal roofing is extremely weather resistant. Metal roofs are virtually maintenance free.


We currently carry product lines from the following manufacturers:

Ultra Seam, Decra Roofing Systems, Eagle Roof Tiles, ATAS, GAF.

Metal Roofing & Re Roofing in Tampa, Florida.

As respected and renowned Roofing Contractors here in Tampa Florida, we are certain to use only the highest quality roofing materials and products available. All of our Metal and Residential roofing projects start with these top quality products.

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As the originial stone coated steel roofing system, Decra products are manufactured using lightweight aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel covered in 3M ceramic coated stone granules and sealed with a polymer coating. Decra profiles include metal tile, shake & shingles with a wide variety of color choices.


Gaf / Certainteed shingles use a multi-faceted design and light-reflective construction to add dimension and depth to shingle. Products use UV blocker granules that protect against damaging sunlight, extending the life of the shingle and color lock ceramic firing that maintains the true color of the shingle longer.